22 March 2010

Monday Night At The Movies (Intro)

What follows will be the first post of a new series on my blog. I have decided to write movie reviews and post them here. But here is the catch: I'm not going to review every crappy movie that comes out simply because its new or made a lot of money. My reviews will focus on movies that I find to be greatly unappreciated, especially considering the pleasure I get from watching them. Any suggestions or comments are always welcome and appreciated, and if anyone has a movie they would like included, by all means just ask.

I will do my best to avoid anything that spoils the movie, so there is no need to avoid reading so as not to ruin your own experience.

PS: I don't read movie reviews, nor do I like them (ironic, right?) so any similarity between a review by anyone else and my own simply means we feel the same way about the movie.

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