21 August 2011

Down To Zero

Every second, our clocks wind down,

No tick, no tock, we never hear a sound,

Yet there they are, the time going by,

As hard to stop as a cloud in the sky,

Even when vibrant and full of spirit,

The end grows near, though we can’t hear it,

Like an hour glass glued to a table,

We can’t stop it, we’re just not able,

We have to seek, to find a way,

To make the most, of every day,

For this one right now could be our last,

Known or not, the die is cast,

So go my friends, and live your lives,

With your husbands, and your wives,

And whomever else is close to you,

There’s no telling when our time is through.

RIP Robert W Bond

My grandfather, Robert W. "Bob" Bond died yesterday. He had been through a great many things in his life, most recently watching Alzheimers destroy the brain of the love of his life, Maria Bond, who left us in September. He always kept up a great spirit though, was always happy to play poker with his grandkids (of course, he always seemed to win....haha...Homefield advantage I suppose), and was always willing to stay up to watch the Red Sox games, even when they didn't end until early in the morning. In short, Bob Bond was one of the best people I ever had the privilege of knowing, and I am better for it in my life. Please enjoy the Following post as a tribute to his life.