22 March 2010

MNATM: Repo Men

I saw this movie last night, partly because I was interested, and partly because it was the only thing playing at the time I was at the theater. I left feeling that I had been sufficiently entertained, though with questions.

In the future (year unnamed), people can be repaired much like a computer can now. Upgrades, replacements, faulty parts removed, brand-new shiny technology installed. All of this sexy medical care does come at a hefty price, but fortunately, there is a payment plan... If you can't afford the cost of a new heart, you can always make monthly payments, just don't fall behind.

The film starts the way it continues for much of its run time; in action. The main character's name is Remy, played by Jude Law, and he is a futuristic "field technician" whose job is the same as the guy who takes back your car when you default on the payments. The only twist is, the products he is charged with retrieving are inside the body of their ill-fated, former owner. From livers to lungs, kidneys to heart, a job is just a job, and the artificial organs, or ARFORGS, must be returned to the company which created them. The things about that is, most people who have a newly created organ didn't get it for the fun of it, and most end up dead.

All in all, this movie seems to be a cautionary tale about an almost Orwellian future, which has been created by the "Union," the name of the super-corporation for whom the Repo Men work. The film also includes all of the obligatory futuristic devices, body scanners, retina scanners for access to secured locations, and the like, yet all transport in the movie is done in the same manner it is today. Remy drives a VW Toureg of some sort, and there are many other standard vehicles as well. As I said, I was sufficiently entertained, and certainly puzzled at times. The ending is a trip, but as promised, I won't even hint at it here. Enjoy!

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