22 March 2010

MNATM: In Bruges

Now this movie is one of the most under-appreciated of all time, in my humble opinion. Colin Ferrell stars as Ray, a rookie contract killer whose first job goes a little less than exceptionally. With Ralph Fiennes as the perennially, potty-mouthed Harry Waters, and Brendan Gleeson as Ken, Ray's partner and mentor.

This film is a dark comedy, and it can be sad at times. The story behind Ray and Ken's flight from England tugs at the heartstrings, and makes you think a bit as well. Many people will perhaps not find the same degree of humor in this film as I do, but if you appreciate the pithy dialogue, particularly by Colin Farrell. Farrell, who is allowed to speak as he normally does, being that his character is from Dublin like Farrell is in real life, provides most of the humorous quotes that can be drawn from the movie.

The two main characters, Ray and Ken, are sent to Bruges, Belgium in order to avoid the trouble with Ray's first job. Ken immediately falls in love with Bruges, being that it is the most well preserved of all medieval villages in Europe. (Actual fact, check it out on Wiki and other sources) Ray, however, is not exactly impressed with the fantasy world of a village held back in time some 500 years, and lets Ken know that quite often.

Whether you like culture and fun, or dwarves and midgets, this movie is worth at least one viewing, though perhaps two or three are in order to truly appreciate the interplay between the characters.

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