09 February 2010

Ice In My Veins

Hard as iron, cold as ice,
Fuck with me, pay the price,
You can't cut what does not bleed,
You can't take, what I don't need,
Raging like a earthquake,
That would make your heart shake,
Some day all the world will finally see,
I'm the g-bread man, yo, you can't catch me,
Running all out like a cheetah on attack,
Pile more on, you'll never break my back,
Like Atlas, I've got the world on my shoulder,
Try all you want, I can get more colder,
Put up a wall, no, I can't be stopped,
Like it or not, yo, you just got dropped,
Hatred and hunger course through my veins,
Blood washes over like the cleansing rains,
Open your mouth, taste it, drink it down,
Fuck what you heard, I run this town,
Look into my eyes, you think I'm delirious,
I'ma laugh when I say it, Why so serious?,
My words are my weapons, they're gonna slice you like a ginsu,
You've got words too, they can and will be used against you,
This is no court, we've got no judge no jury,
Just a man on his own, full of hate, full of fury,
I don't need your love, I don't need your pity,
I don't need you to find me in the middle of a city,
Like a lone wolf, running free,
Look around, what do you see,
I'm not running from you,
And I'm not running to,
Anything, just running to be free,
Just running to be me,
You just don't know the cost,
You don't yet know just what you lost,
But when you find out,
You'll never doubt,
I will always be me, still
No one else but Iron Will,
Cold and unyielding, like a glacier in the north,
Try to cut it open, no water will pour forth,
More than that, more than half, lies below the surface,
Not in view, to be seen, like you even know the purpose,
Got a chip on my shoulder and its not a damn cheeto,
I'm no James Bond, won't see me in a tuxedo,
But fuck all that, you won't see me at all,
I won't even answer when you try and call,
Dripping down the cheeks, the tears from your eyes,
Hidden just behind them, is the bullshit and lies,
Not my problem, I just don't give a fuck,
I've put my pack down, I've dropped my ruck,
Ima check out now, and you'll finally see,
There ain't nobody quite like me,
So go ahead, give up, and close this file,
I'm just going to keep on livin', Big Willy Style

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