25 October 2010

There Is No Alzheimer's In Heaven

There is no Alzheimer's in Heaven,
This much, I know for sure,
No confusion 24/7,
So far death's the only cure,

But I know when she meets Saint Peter,
At Heaven's Pearly Gates,
He'll know just how to treat her,
Even if she hesitates,

Whether Bond or Cano,
Maria or Nieves,
You all know that they'll know,
Better than any of us,

That when they made her, they broke the mold,
As my grandpa says,
And he picked her with which to grow old,
And spend most of his days,

With her he made three children,
Three daughters of their own,
Their house was but a building,
Those five made it a home,

These are but a few,
Of the many reasons that,
She now looks down at you,
From Heaven, with her cat,

She's hanging with her family,
Those who've already passed,
And she wants to see us smiling,
As we celebrate her past,

Because there's no Alzheimer's in Heaven,
Of this I am quite certain,
No there's no Alzheimer's in Heaven,
Her time on Earth, has drawn its final curtain.

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