12 January 2010

Let It Flow

Always swimming, slipping, sliding,
through the water, ever gliding,
Try to catch a wave,
No words of yours can save,
Underwater, never breathing,
Feel that heart, ever beating,
Water is beautiful, ever changing,
Splashing, pooling, rearranging,
Dive right in, feel that wet,
Hit the wall, another set,
Hundreds, fifties, catch your breath,
Or sink to the bottom, wait for death,
Water crashes, water falls,
Swim the breaststroke, swim the crawl,
Butterfly and backstroke too,
Grandma breast, whats he up to?,
Frozen water, hail and snow,
Where'd it come from, where's it go,
Be like water, Bruce Lee said,
Rising slowly, over your head,
Immerse yourself, let it go,
Only then will you truly know,
Its too late now,
You've gone to far,
You say, "but how,"
I wonder who you are,
I am Will, always will be,
In the water, water's in me,
Peaceful as a glassy lake, violent as storm,
Pieces of my heart you take, thats just not the norm,
Ne'er again will you feel love from me,
Nor do you deserve,
Any kind of sympathy,
Your life just took a swerve,
I am still Will, always remaining,
Big Willy style, spirit never waning,
None can catch me, no one is allowed,
Reach up into the big sky, try to grab a cloud,
You can do that first before,
You'll e'er have me anymore,
For I am the one, of which they will say,
He is the One, that got away.


  1. As a fellow swimmer (and you friend) I loved this! Makes me miss the water like you wouldn't believe

  2. It's definitely about the water, but also about my life, especially recently. The two are not necessarily different things.